About Us

PT. Excellence Utama Engineering, established & operation since 2007 in Batam island, Indonesia, is an affiliated company of Mastool Precision Engineering Pte.Ltd., which was incorporated since 1996.

We specialize in the following areas:

Mechanical & Electrical:
  • Fabrication of precision machine & automation parts
  • Machine designing, jigs & fixtures, Engineering supplies
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • General trading of standard components such as:
  • - Pneumatics: hydraulic system, air cylinder, pressure, air gripper, air regulator, solenoid valves, vacuum valves & equipments, etc.
    - Electric: sensors/switches, power supply, servomotor, rotary actuator, servo pack, inverter, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
    - Cartridge heater, thermocouple, temperature control equipments, timers, contact pin/test probes, timing belt, pulley, bearing, Ni coating magnets , safety equipments, etc).

Since our establishment, we have been doing especially mechanical jobs and services to a wide range of clients on shore and overseas.

Our unique structure, flexible operations, committed client servicing and product range have given these customers cost, schedule, and performance advantages.

Our Mission

  • Provide our excellent services with competitive pricing also good quality.
  • Provide commitment to our valued customers.
  • Service extra value at the shortest possible lead time.
  • Outstanding services.

At PT. Excellence Utama Engineering, we have the expertise and we excel in innovative and cost efficient solutions to suit the needs of our customers.

We provide products and services with standards of quality at competitive prices.

Our Vision

  • To service high quality electrical works, services to meet each and every of our clients’ requirement.
  • Advancing the electrical servicing industry system by advancing the success of our partners and clients.
  • Our main focus is on projects that require high-tech machinery and skilled manpower and therefore our company has a team of highly competent personnel with many years of relevant practical experience.

Our Commitment

    We are committed to position the company as a preferred problem-solver meeting the design and demand challenges posed by tomorrow's high assurance, technology-centric environments.

    We surpass our competitors in the field through our expertise, in part due to our management's strong electrical acknowledge and skill, also building construction background and thorough understanding of our customers' needs. We offer timely service the highest quality goods available in the market.

Our Customers and Clients

  • PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices Batam
  • ESA S Pte, Ltd as sub contractor in PT. Infineon Technologies Batam
  • PT. Batam Wahana Arta
  • PT. CYT Precision Engineering
  • PT. PLN Bright Batam (Persero)
  • PT. Total Printing Indonesia